Rally for the Right To Grow Ordinance

“Community Gardeners and Urban Agriculturalists have been coordinating efforts with ABLE to draft an urban agriculture ordinance along the lines of the one in Cleveland, dubbed the “Right to Grow Ordinance”. This is in order that those engaging in these pursuits won’t have to go through the terrible experiences of Thomas Jackson with the City of Toledo and the Toledo Municipal Courts. The Right to Grow ordinance will clearly spell out what is allowed so that the city is clear what Urban Agriculture is as the city is currently completely unaware. The film “Reclaiming the Landscape…”, through interviews with Thomas Jackson, documents a sad situation for the City of Toledo and the heroic resistance by Jackson, and which resulted in community, news media, and some officials positive response. The ordinance is a form of community action to get what the community wants and will be submitted directly to City Council. This rally is an opening event in accomplishing this ordinance.”

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